Herend- The Sophisticated Porcelain

Porcelain is the most preferred material for dinner ware, crockery and figurines that can add to the looks of your kitchen and home. The love for porcelain dine ware is prevalent since ages. However, there are some items like figurines, vases, jewelry, lamps and clocks that are considered very sophisticated and pricey possessions and found only in the homes and offices of people who can afford a premium style. These things are also popular as chic and eminent gifts one can present on a special occasion like wedding, birthday, Easter, Christmas and other such events. Still, the important thing one must be aware of in this context is that porcelain products are available in various qualities and one should carefully check the quality one buys to avoid any sort of embarrassment in social circles.

Although one can find a lot of porcelain stuff in local markets, they miss the feel and look of the quality that some selected brands carry. It is all about the quality of porcelain and the work done on it that decides its worth. Several celebrities including Celine Dion, Harrison Ford, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Paul Newman possess huge collections of valuable high class porcelain items.

Herend is well known porcelain manufacturing unit that produces superior quality porcelain products from around last 180 years. The glorious past of this manufacture boasts of the excellent quality of the produce and the wide patterns that has contributed to the name and fame of this establishment. Herend is a well known name in Canada known as a synonym for the high quality porcelain products. These porcelain pieces are designed by people of Hungarian Community residing in Canada known as Herend. The first exclusive outlet of Herend was inaugurated in Canada in 2008. This brand outlet was by CanHu International Limited that showcases the most special designs for which one would like to visit Herend Canada.

One can find an ample scope of choice from over four thousands of hand crafted patterns and over sixteen thousands of hand crafted shapes of Herend porcelain products. The amazing designs and patterns decorated with beautiful and lively colors are long lasting while maintaining the same glitter and textures over the years. The artists in this crafting unit have been adding designs and motifs to their traditional art while preserving the originality and enriching it with the impressions of various cultural and regional specialties. The vibrant colors, shapes and designs one can find here are hard to find anywhere else. After starting its marketing from participation in national and international fairs, Herend is now appreciated and available in sixty countries across the globe. The designs of the dine wares at Herend are so popular and sought after that even in the popular musical of The Beauty and the Beast, the designers are inspired by its creations and replicated them on the dancing dishes. It is indeed an honor and a symbol of sophisticated work at this unit.

The Royal families of Thailand, Spain, Habsburg and Belgium are among the esteemed clients of this brand. The American Presidents Kennedy and Reagen were also known as a great fan of the products made by Herend.